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Private Limited (Pvt. Ltd.) Company Registration

Fastest Private Limited (Pvt. Ltd.) Company Registration In India | Same Day Process

Register your startup company as private limited with OnlineLegalIndia™ from any states of India. Online Legal India is an MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) & MSME registered company in India. Our experienced (10 Yrs+) CA/CS will draft & complete all the documentations in same day.

Advantages of Becoming Private Limited Company




Private Limited Company One Person Company Limited Liability Partnership Partnership Firm Proprietorship Firm
Act Companies Act, 2013 Companies Act, 2013 Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 Indian Partnership Act, 1932 No specified Act
Registration Requirement Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Optional No
Number of members 2 – 200 Only 1 2 – Unlimited 2 – 50 Only 1
Separate Legal Entity Yes Yes Yes No No
Liability Protection Limited Limited Limited Unlimited Unlimited
Statutory Audit Mandatory Mandatory Dependent Not mandatory Not mandatory
Ownership Transfer ability Restricted No Yes No No
Uninterrupted Existence Yes Yes Yes No No
Foreign Participation Allowed Not Allowed Allowed Not Allowed Not Allowed
Tax Rates Moderate Moderate High High Low
Statutory Compliance High Moderate Moderate Less Less

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How do I start a private limited company?

Starting a company is easy through OnlineLgealIndia. All that is required are PAN card, Aadhaar card, address proof and bank statement copies of the directors along with address proof for the registered office address. A company can be started in about 10 – 15 days. If you have the necessary documents, sign up for one of our packages and have a company registered with guidance from one of our Advisors.

What is limited liability protection?

Limited liability is the status of being legally responsible only to a limited amount for debts of a company. Unlike proprietorships and partnerships, in a private limited company the liability of the shareholders in respect of the company’s liabilities is limited. In other words, the liability of the shareholders of a company is limited only to the value of shares taken up by them.

What is authorised capital of the private limited company?

Authorized capital is the maximum value of equity shares that can be issued by a company. On the other hand, paid up capital is the amount of shares issued by the company to shareholders. Authorised capital can be increased after incorporation at anytime to issue additional shares to the shareholders.

What is required to start a private limited company?
Who can be a director in a company?

Any person over the age of 18 years can become a director in a company. Also, there are no conditions on residency or citizenship. Hence, NRIs and Foreign Nationals can easily start and manage a private limited company in India.

Is an address required in India for starting a company?

Yes, every company registered in India must have a registered office where all official communication is sent by the MCA, governmental agencies, financial institutions, etc., The registered office of a company can be in any state of India.

What is the process of getting a Private Company Registered?
What is Company Registration Certificate?

After the registration of the company, the following should be fulfilled:

• Current account should be opened within 30 days of PAN registration

• Appoint a Statutory Auditor

• The paid-up capital should be deposited which was mentioned while registration

• Issue and allot shares

What is the minimum capital needed to form a Private Limited Company?

You need to have a minimum capital of Rs. 100,000 to start a private limited company. You need not have this amount in hand or your bank account. You can show this amount as the pre-incorporation expense of the start-up. Also, you can show the capital infused in the assets.

Can a Salaried person become the director of a company?

Yes, for sure. You can become the director of any type of company. You need to go through the employment rules if that allows you to do so

What is Digital Signature?

Digital signature is just like a hand signature, but only in this case, it is used to affix with computerized reports. A DSC provides validity to the signature.

Is it possible to register the company at the residential place?

It is only possible if you provide sufficient proof of it. This address would be where the company receives important information (if any) from the MCA or any other concerned authorities.

Are there any hidden involved for registration?

No, there are no extra charges we charge from our clients. Our fee is inclusive Govt. fees involved.

Is physical presence required of the person/ owner for the incorporation of the company?

The whole process is online. So, a person needn’t go anywhere to register it. You are required to send in your documents via email and fill up our questionnaire to get it done.